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Lets face it during this wonderful apocalypse your going to need food and water. Its quiet obvious
Basic Necessities: Water- the best type of water to have is bottled water. You never know if the infection will go waterborne so at least this way you don't have to worry about becoming infected.
Food- Anything that can last a long time without molding is great. Dehydrated food and such is the best. Try not to get meat 1) you don't know if the infection will be in the meat (kinda like mad cow disease) 2) Cooking the meat which is the only healthy way of eating it will actually be a very bad idea. The zombies will smell it at some point, even if it doesn't attract them at first and then you'll be facing zombies coming into your safe shelter.
Blankets: They may seem pointless to have when your trying to stay safe from the zombies will actually be something you need! Lets face it during the winter time your most likely not going to have heat, and depending on where you have set up as a safe house it may not be a smart idea to start a fire. You may say "I can start one in my living room if need be" yeah thats great but your going to get carbo monxide due to the fact that you can't open your windows or the damn zombies will come in. So blankets will help keep you warm during that horrible winter and help keep frost bite away.
Jackets/ Spare clothes: Layers are perfect for the winter! You can have your jacket and blanket and layer up with spare clothes and you be able to keep warm in case you can't make a fire.
Safe house: The good and the bad: Here are a few
1) Houses within the city- terrible safe house, the homes are side to side and very small. While you may keep safe for a while you'll run out or resources and have to venture outside, which will be INFESTED considering your in a city. (i mean just watch the first season of walking Dead and see the population of zombies that are in the city that was suppose to be a safe haven)
2) Prisions: This actually can be good or bad but right now i will just point out the bad in it. Prisions are ment to keep their prisioners IN so there is a high chance that when you get to a prision and can make it inside it will be infested by zombies. Depending on the time of day they may only be in their cells so then you'd only have to fight of the staff members. But during the day they could be outside in the cafeteria ect ect. So this can be a BIG NO NO
1)Secluded 2nd floor apartments: There are some second floor apartments where the door to get into the apartment is outside yet you must climb stairs right away to get to the main part of the apartment. These can be quiet good, you'll be able to bloock of the stairs and the door by renforcing the door and putting something like a couch or random dabree in the way. the only down side to this is if you do run out of food you will have to find a way to get down to the streets without compramising your baracade at the door.
2) Homes in a secluded area outside of a small town: Homes usually aren't the greatest when it comes to protection but if you have a home outside of a small town and slightly away from other homes you'll be pretty well off. Small towns have Small populations so not a lot of zombies to deal with, and if you can hold off and NOT draw attention to your safe house the zombies will wander off for the most part to other towns and cities to find food for themselves so it'll be easier for you to get resources from the town. You'll still have to fight some zombies but you most likely wont be overwelmed.
3) Prision (the good): Now prisions can be a good place to be during a zombie apocolypes to. For one they are ment to keep prisioners in so its a high percentage that the zombies wont get in. Another thing is depending on the prision the prisioners could riot during this crisis and get out (this theory was used in the most recent resident evil)
Now on to weapons :D:
Guns: Its a smart idea to get as much ammo and guns as possible, and probably before this whole zombie thing you actually learn to use as many types of guns as possible. "But zombieskayer guns can't be that hard to use" No they aren't too hard but beginning with you'll have terrible aim plus it take a bit to get use to the noise of the gun going off. Plus your less likely to freeze because you have to use the gun. Besides if you've barricaded yourself on a second floor you could totally sit on the roof and shoot at the zombies around the home so you are less likely to have a break in. Plus Who wouldn't wanna shoot a zombie :D
Meele: "I have tons of guns i don' t need meele" Um yeah actually do. What happens if you run outta ammo huh??? you gotta have some sort of weapon and carrying a meele weapon is a very smart idea just incase! Now you want something swift and can slice/behead a zombie easy or with little difficulty. Swords are a good weapon to have they can be light and swift. Baseball bats can be super bad lets be honest the likely hood of you actuallly killing a zombie quickly is very slim it will take serveral hits and its really not that good considering there are probably more zombies around you. Chain saw is pretty good, but you better hope the thing doesn't stall or run out of gas on you. Besides the sound will likely attract more zombies. Axes are decent too but its gonna be a bitch to remove it from the skull of the zombie you just killed. Lead pipes and crow bars can help momentairly stop a zombie which can help if your fighting just one and you wanna get away or get to that better weapon you could possibly see in the distance.
Hand to hand combat: It's probably best you train yourself in hand to hand combat prior to this terrible event happening. Hand to hand combat will come in handy if by chance you get jumped by a zombie and you don' thave a weapon, or at least one in reach. Most cases people just try to shove the zombie away and run but at least in hand to hand combat you'll be able to get away swiftly and lower the chance of being bitten.

How to survive: My take on the beating the zombie apocalypse

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